This category should contain just one profile item which is used to store information about the profile. For example, which country it relates to or whether it is for an individual or household.

The country profile item value is important as it will determine the electricity factor used for any electrical appliances stored in the profile and also the values used for certain forms of transport, e.g. for a particular size of car (e.g. large in the UK and US have different meanings). The country can be set to any of the drill down options in Electricity_by_country or Electricity_by_country_ISO_code. If unset, it defaults to United Kingdom.

The peopleInHousehold profile item value determines the default usages in subcategories of Cooking as well as the kettle and microwave items in Kitchen and water heating in Heating_uk.

All other item values are for information only at present and the free text ones can be used to hold information in a format of your choice.