Kitchen generic

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The items in this dataset represent domestic kitchen equipment.

Items for "wet" appliances represent energy expenditure in kWh per cycle. A "cycle" is one load of washing in a washing machine or running a dishwasher once. Calculations for wet appliances require a cycleRate value to be set - this is the number of cycles in a given period of time, e.g. per month.

Items for "cold" appliances represent energy expenditure in kWh per year, because these appliances are assumed to be left switched on continuously. cyclesPerMonth does not need to be set for cold appliances.

Items representing microwaves and kettles represent energy expenditure in kWh for typical annual usage, and therefore cyclesPerMonth also does not need to be set. Annual usage is based on the number of persons in the household, which is considered to be an average of 2.4 by default.

By default, emissions are calculated on the basis on the emissions intensity of the UK electricity grid. If calculations are stored using profiles, an alternative country can be specified within the profile metadata as can the number of people in the household (with which kettle and microwave CO2 emissions will scale accordingly).

5NP0MFYJQMOH Chest/upright Freezer, A
8P4OMP6X3KD4 Chest/upright Freezer, A+
S3BT13VJRCNB Chest/upright Freezer, A++
WH9B818Z8IGW Chest/upright Freezer, B
XSEEELBA4ZXS Chest/upright Freezer, C
RM78IGA88CWH Chest/upright Freezer, D
F7HQMJJEUX62 Chest/upright Freezer, E
888423ZVZDYC Chest/upright Freezer, F
6OJNG94HJFSD Chest/upright Freezer, G
NH6PYMAEPCMD Chest/upright Freezer, Other, I don't know
NLSXGSWL2MKL Chest/upright Freezer, Other, over 12 years
D5NU21B3KM1I Chest/upright Freezer, Other, up to 12 years
A0NZXMCV8BQ4 Dishwasher, Economy, 1-2 years
F88HGQY8Q70W Dishwasher, Economy, 3-5 years
6PE9DHZX016X Dishwasher, Economy, I don't know
3J5J2N9F0APZ Dishwasher, Economy, over 5 years
O01YXA4G75E8 Dishwasher, Normal, 1-2 years
GZYO55PCR04R Dishwasher, Normal, 3-5 years
YZ6P6QDPNRJU Dishwasher, Normal, I don't know
IC2K4O4ZGA3N Dishwasher, Normal, over 5 years
Only needs to be set for "wet" appliances.