This methodology contains energy consumption and CO2 emissions data associated with the use of domestic cooking hobs and ovens in the United States.

To use this methodology, select the heat source type (i.e. cooktop, oven or range) using the cookerType drill choice and the fuel type using the fuelType drill choice. Next set the number of people in the household using the numberOfPeople parameter. If calculations are stored using profiles, this value can be set in the profile metadata. If this value is not specified, a default of 1 is assumed.

By default, emissions for electric and induction hobs are calculated on the basis on the emissions intensity of the United States electricity grid. If calculations are stored using profiles, an alternative country can be specified within the profile metadata. The emission factors for electricity, based on the country supplied in the profile metadata, can be found in here and here. The emissions factor for gas this taken from this dataset.

Note: This category uses US emission factors by default, but in the absence of usage values for US homes, it assumes values typical for the UK. As such the provenance of this category is recommended rather than enterprise.

YY76MRMXOXG7 Cooktop, electricity
33WNSD41DZ1F Cooktop, gas
2AVC9TN9ZTUJ Cooktop, induction
6BM1ECJHOC1A Oven, electricity
JMJ94EQ9W8VE Oven, gas
RYBXO48YENE3 Range, electricity
9MUCD7L3ZLHL Range, mixed - electric cooktop and gas oven
Q0QQN2I2ZZ1F Range, mixed - gas cooktop and electric oven
If this is not set then the **//peopleInHousehold//** value is used in the [[Metadata|/metadata]] profile item.