US heavy duty truck

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This category is deprecated. The Greenhouse Gas Protocol methodologies for US heavy goods vehicle transport can now be found here

The category /transport/lgv/generic/ghgp/heavyduty/us contains data on emissions associated with heavy duty trucks in the US, sourced from the GHGP Protocol, and allows the user to calculate emissions depending on the type, age and fuel of the vehicle.

Firstly the type of vehicle is selected, using the vehicleType drill-down, from 'rigid' or 'articulated'. The user selects the drill-down fuelType from the following options.

  • lng
  • lpg
  • cng
  • ethanol
  • diesel
  • gasoline
Thirdly the drill-down yearOfManufacture is used to specify the age of the vehicle. The distance is then set as a profile item value.

The algorithm returns kg CO2e value, which is a sum of CO2, N2O and CH4 emissions for each fuel type.

Biomass fuel

The GHG protocol requires CO2 emissions from biomass fuels to be reported on differently, due to the fact that the CO2 released from biomass fuels has only recently been sequestered from the atmosphere and so does not constitute a net increase in CO2, unlike fossil fuel emissions or those of CH4 and N2. Therefore, the CO2 emissions for ethanol are not included here, but can be found in the biofuel subcategory. If the user wishes to calculate their total GHG emissions from ethanol-powered heavy duty truck travel (i.e. including the biomass CO2 component), they should use both categories in combination.

1NNZ917VFPUZ articulated, cng
RZH6PUMALP6B articulated, diesel, 1960-present
O2UTXWPO2KOC articulated, ethanol
IMBUI1Q5NECQ articulated, gasoline, 1985-1986
BCAM1CJWG8TV articulated, gasoline, 1987
Z6UT2EHK3NT1 articulated, gasoline, 1988-1989
IWLIVIEF5V5X articulated, gasoline, 1990-1995
XQ7MB3YUN440 articulated, gasoline, 1996
UVZPYGD5UWJ7 articulated, gasoline, 1997
QRS2N4C84389 articulated, gasoline, 1998
BJ44TOEYZM5V articulated, gasoline, 1999
433JO0HMDT9I articulated, gasoline, 2000
TN7J13E4QROK articulated, gasoline, 2001
4AXMQKSJWVGY articulated, gasoline, 2002
ZN53A6O9SUNE articulated, gasoline, 2003
VKFEPVNP8E7H articulated, gasoline, 2004
OB30K65V8LEQ articulated, gasoline, 2005-present
Z1VB7O8M45AI articulated, lng
9QD2PCCI2WXX articulated, lpg
Distance travelled