Other regional road freight

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This category is deprecated. The Greenhouse Gas Protocol methodologies for freight transport can now be found here

The category /transport/lgv/generic/freight/ghgp/other contains data on the greenhouse gas emissions associated with the road transportation of freight in non-US and non-UK contexts, sourced from the WRI Greenhouse Gas Protocol.

The calculation methodology uses per distance, per mass emissions factors, and thus emissions represent those associated with the road freighting of a specific quantity of freight.

To use this category, select the vehicle type using the vehicleType drill down options. Then, specify the distance and mass of the freight transported by setting the distance and mass profile item values. The value returned represents the total greenhouse gas emissions (CO2, CH4, N2O) associated with the specified freighting, expressed in terms of the mass of CO2 which would produce an equivalent global warming effect.

2F315M9PG1GZ heavy and light goods vehicles
Distance of freight transportation
Mass of freight transported