Other regional light goods biofuel truck

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This category is deprecated. The Greenhouse Gas Protocol methodologies for other regional light goods vehicle transport can now be found here

The category /transport/lgv/generic/ghgp/lightgoods/other/biomassfuel contains data sourced from the World Resources Institute GHG_Protocol for calculating emissions associated with light goods biofuel trucks in non-US or UK contexts. This allows users to calculate their biofuel CO2 emissions separately from the fossil fuel CO2 emissions calculated in the Other regional light goods truck category.

To use this category, specify the biofuel type using the fuelType drill-down. At present the only option for biomass fuels in this category is 'ethanol'.

The distance is then set as a profile item value by the user.

The algorithm returns the kg CO2 for the distance and biofuel type specified.

Distance travelled