Kitchen Dishwashers

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The data in this category is sourced from the Energy Star website. This gives CO2 emissions for US appliances that have achieved the Energy Star standard.

There are two drill-downs to be specified in this category: brand and model. The user can then specify a quantity of items as a profile item value. This value defaults to 1 if none is entered by the user.


CO2 = Energy usage of appliance per year * US electricity emission factor * quantity

7E5ZMZBGCKO4 AEG-Electrolux, F45078I-M
O2JXMM8U5FQV AEG-Electrolux, F65478VI-S
YZS0TWZ18FY1 AEG-Electrolux, F89078VI-M
2BFMIJV96OT3 AEG-Electrolux, F89078VI-S
NV3L22MTYDKL Aga, ADW-24***
5P154LOSCVYI Amana, ADB1500
KBD692PKDVVY Amana, ADB2500
T9RTNPGM83SE Amana, ADB3500
SAXUQ8W5C1AX Americana, ADW11**N
F7Q6LRBOPTMB Ariston, L63*
N86LRELID2HQ Ariston, LI640*
YFI818REB13F Ariston, LI670*
062TUJ2MW4BO Ariston, LI700*
2C8DROS0FVQR Ariston, LL64*
9JP5HL4RE3A6 Ariston, LL65*
42MWE1I9HC18 Asko, D3112
ND1LYG97YY0T Asko, D3121**
ZCYPLKYQ4NP9 Asko, D3122**
CTTCIWU3L9MG Asko, D3152
number of appliances to be included in the calculation. Default of 1.