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The data in this category is sourced from the Energy Star website. This gives CO2 emissions for US appliances that have achieved the Energy Star standard.

There are three drill-downs to be specified in this category: brandName, modelName and modelNumber. The user can then specify a quantity of items as a profile item value. This value defaults to 1 if none is entered by the user.


CO2 = Energy usage of appliance per year * US electricity emission factor * quantity

7E9HCLB469BA Canon, imageRUNNER 1019J, imageRUNNER 1019J
K5NK2AWHJ7XC Canon, imageRUNNER 2230, imageRUNNER 2230
XOT3H9998RPY Canon, imageRUNNER 2830, imageRUNNER 2830
ZX8E0CYJJTCM Canon, imageRUNNER 3025, imageRUNNER 3025
T341TUU67XB8 Canon, imageRUNNER 3030, imageRUNNER 3030
67EXO3W69EYL Canon, imageRUNNER 3035, imageRUNNER 3035
YEIM9YHLRHTS Canon, imageRUNNER 3045, imageRUNNER 3045
GX3HNA6HQGJ8 Canon, imageRUNNER 3530, imageRUNNER 3530
SQT3NO7WBX52 Canon, imageRUNNER 5075, imageRUNNER 5075
ATLM3HZ08BVQ Canon, imageRUNNER 6570, imageRUNNER 6570
WQX3N0458L5H Canon, imageRUNNER 7095, imageRUNNER 7095
Y73AEMPXUAKC Canon, imageRUNNER 7105, imageRUNNER 7105
8VJY7UTDK6RF Canon, PC170, PC170
QPV91XGM8T2I Canon, PC430, PC430
GCB4G6WKUGQK Copystar, CS 180, CS 180
KE0TI1SV2IC4 Copystar, CS 220, CS 220
O61IJIP8NME0 Copystar, CS 620, CS 620
JQYW9Y97RH5I Copystar, CS 820, CS 820
Q588NH5FIU4C Copystar, CS-8030, CS-8030
ZFAK991XCSDL Gestetner, DSm 775, DSm 775
number of appliances to be included in calculation. Default of 1.