Car transport by band in Ireland

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This category contains data on CO2 emissions associated with cars representative of particular car tax bands. The category currently contains data in a single subcategory providing emissions calculations for cars according to tax bands used in the Republic of Ireland.

To use this category, specify the tax band using the band drill option. Car tax bands in the Republic of Ireland are as follows, with indicative engine sizes:

Tax bandkgCO2/kmengine size
A0.120<0.9 litre
B0.1400.9 – 1.2 litre
C0.1551.2 – 1.5 litre
D0.1701.5-1.7 litre
E0.1901.7 – 1.9 litre
F0.2251.9 - 3.0 litre
G<0.245>3.0 Litre

Next, set the distance travelled using the distance profile item value. The returned value represents CO2 emissions associated with the distance specified.

Each data item contains three values:

  • kgCO2PerKm - the value used in a profile item calculation (usually the maximum for a given band).
  • kgCO2PerKmMin - the minimum value of the band.
  • kgCO2PerkmMax - the maximum value of the band.

Distance travelled
Distance travelled per month